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Dr.  Doug Rittmann, Ph.D., P.E., Water/Wastewater Consultant, has written water treatment papers based on experiences in Brazil, Egypt, Italy, and the United States.  While water professionals debate which disinfectant or oxidant is the best choice, Dr. Doug says, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em".  In other words, mixing disinfectants can enhance their capabilities while minimizing their disadvantages.  It is well known that there is no perfect disinfectant or oxidant.  Dr. Doug has many major accomplishments in improving drinking water processes.

Although Dr. Doug is leading the way in mixed oxidant research, he credits his educational training and 31 years of experience in water and wastewater operations as the basic tools for his consulting success.  He is sought after as:  a consultant for water and wastewater treatment; speaker at seminars, symposiums, and training workshops; a writer of water treatment research papers in nationally recognized journals;  an environmental columnist concerning water issues for the local newspapers in El Paso Texas.

However, Dr. Doug is not all work.  He was also a "Mighty Wurlitzer Organist" for El Paso Community Foundation Weekly Concerts at the Sunland Park Mall in El Paso Texas.  His Wife, Frances invites you to take a "Mini Vacation" by listening to the sounds of the "Mighty Wurlitzer".  However, the "Mighty Wurlitzer" was sent to Tucson in November, 2004 for repairs.  In the Spring of 2006, it returned to its original home, the Plaza Theater in El Paso, where concerts resumed.  He credits his wife, Frances Rivera Rittmann of 35 years and God's blessings for his success.  Send an email to:

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